Archemy™ provides a number of resources for Archemists to learn more about what Archemy™ does and how it does it. The Archemy™ Resources section, below, contains links to various pieces of collateral—Whitepapers, Presentations and other documents authored by Principals or members of the Archemist™ Community. As more Archemists are brought on-line, additional emerging technologies with which they are working and business-specific applications of those technologies will be added. Links to academic and industry publications of interest will also be added in the near future.

Archemy™ is also offering a number of training curricula relating to Consulting, KNowledge Management, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management, Bizteks, and Technology Enablers. Some courses are already available and more information about additional courses will be posted as it becomes available.

Please check back here periodically to see what has been added.


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Archemy's Weblog

Check this blog for discussions about innovative business solutions and related technologies. Everyone interested is welcome to participate.


The Archemist™ community is a diverse and collegial group of architects, developers and experts in various disciplines and domains. Archemists may deliver consulting services in conjunction with or on referral from Archemy™, and may participate in Archifact™ development, leading to an equity interest in Intellectual Property co-developed with Archemy™. Archemists may also contribute assets and develop Archifacts in collaboration with Archemy™ and publicize them via the Archemy’s Assets Catalog to share in revenues from sales, licensing and/or subscriptions as applicable. Archemists who have contributed Archifacts are usually first in line for referral to customers who need assistance implementing or customizing the solutions they have contributed. Thanks to Archemy™, innovators and entrepreneurs can take advantage of the Archemist™ Community to become successful business solution providers for the digital industries without having to worry so much about the process of growing a competitive business. They can ultimately attain Entrepreneurship Agility and Sustainability as a result of partnering and benefiting from resources set forth by a specialist in intelligent knowledge-driven solutions and related architectures.

In order to be able to consult, contribute Archifacts or explore the Archemy™ Assets Catalog in full depth, it is necessary to join and become an Archemist™. Joining gives access to a lifetime Bronze membership. Being a member of the Archemist™ Community confers a number of benefits, which expand by increasing level of membership. A Bronze Membership is free but the Silver, Gold and Platinum levels have annual fees. Archemists may upgrade their memberships to a higher level at any time and gain immediate access to benefits available at their new level. Archemists may also cancel their membership any time after joining. Joining as a member and establishing a working relationship as an individual or affiliate Archemist™ with Archemy™ has many recurring benefits. The Bronze membership gives access to the following set of benefits that allow Archemists to take advantage of self-development, self-marketing, and Archifacts development opportunities:

  • Library of publications

  • 30-day trial access to select tools in Archemy’s Knowledge Management platform

  • Archifacts contributions

  • Monthly innovation report

  • Monthly newsletters

  • Reading recommendations

  • Archemy’s Archemist™ WebLog

  • Archemy’s mailing list

  • Social media channels

In order for prospective individual and affiliate Archemists to take advantage of and gain access to the full spectrum of resources that Archemy™ provides and accomplish their dream of commercializing successful business solutions, it is recommended that they perform the following set of of activities:

  • join the Archemists Community as a Bronze member,

  • learn about BizTek solutions and enabling technologies via the Archemy™ library, monthly innovation report, monthly newsletters, and reading recommendations,

  • discuss BizTek solutions and enabling technologies with their peers in the Archemists Community via the Archemist™ Weblog , mailing list, and other social media channels,

  • upgrade their membership as applicable to take advantage of additional resources depending on their interest and level of involvement,

  • contribute assets and take advantage of their access to tools in Archemy’s Knowledge Management platform,

  • consult on Archemy™ projects, and possibly,

  • monetize assets via the Archemy™ Assets Catalog or a separate myArchemy™ portal.

Note: Archemists who cancel their membership get to keep their Bronze-level self-development benefits (i.e., access to library of publications, monthly innovation report, monthly newsletters, and reading recommendations) until they unregister from the Archemy™ Web site. However, the following Bronze-level (free) access benefits are rescinded immediately upon Bronze membership cancellation:

  • 30-day trial access to select tools in Archemy’s Knowledge Management platform

  • Archifacts contributions

  • Archemy’s Archemist™ WebLog

  • Archemy’s mailing list

  • Social media channels

Interested in joining the Archemist™ Community as an individual? Please follow the instructions provided on the Careers/Member tab. To join as a company and become an Archemy™ corporate affiliate, please follow the instructions provided on the Partners/Affiliates tab.

Thank you for your interest!