Most enterprises go through ongoing transformations to constantly re-align themselves and leverage new technologies to address ever changing customer requirements. Being proactive and successful in the process is a daunting task. To address this challenge, Archemy™ provides digital business technology consulting services to its customers that go beyond industry mainstream consulting services. Archemy™ helps streamline re-platforming for its customers to make it possible for them to quickly and efficiently re-think the way they do business, re-invent the way they operate their business, and rewire the way they support their business by leveraging Archemy’s knowledge management and the latest innovative technologies. Rather than just help clients transform their organizations, Archemy's goal is to help them "transmute" their businesses to make sure that whatever state it gets them to brings most value to them and leaves them in a place where they can proactively evolve and stay ahead of the competition. You can think of transmutations as proactive innovation-driven transformations that result into business solutions that are guided by available knowledge, which may be extracted from information that becomes available in real time. This approach ensures that customers can make the best possible decisions every step of the way as a result of their transmutations in terms of what they do and/or use based on where they are and as situations change or the unexpected happens.

Archemy’s consulting services are organized into four high-level service groups as follows:

Service GroupDescription
Knowledgeharness and evolve the knowledge that differentiates the way businesses are operated and grown
Innovationmanage and harvest innovation to keep businesses competitive
iBiz™guide the use of innovation to drive transmutations that deliver modern intelligent business models and business solutions to customers
iTech™guide the use of innovation to drive transmutations that deliver modern intelligent technology platforms to support businesses

The Archemy™ services hierarchy expands these service groups into various service families and associated service lines that make it possible for Archemy™ to Harness Knowledge and Guide Innovation for its customers to enable the creation of intelligent business technology solutions that Drive Transmutation of the platforms used by customers to elicit and execute their business strategies.

Archemy™ has developed an Agile Enterprise Architecture Management (AEAM™)-driven business technology consulting approach and framework that further divides Archemy's service lines and assembles them into strategic and tactical service areas and sub-areas. AEAM™ guides the selection of methods to follow and suitable approaches to solving business problems are arrived at by piecing together services offered by Archemy™ as part of its consulting service lines. For example, Archemy’s Business Technology Futurization offering is obtained by piecing together offerings from the Knowledge, Innovation, iBiz™ and iTech™ service groups shown in the above table.

In order for customers to take advantage of and gain access to the full spectrum of services that Archemy™ provides, it is recommended that customers perform the following set of of activities:

  • explore the value provided by Archemy™ by reviewing its services and assets,

  • engage with Archemy™ to obtain advice from its team,

  • partner with Archemy™ to collaborate on proposals,

  • execute initiatives with Archemy™, and possibly,

  • monetize assets via the Archemy™ Assets Catalog.

A working relationship with Archemy™, once established, has many recurring benefits such as:

  • The ability to keep up with the evolution of technology and competition via access, under subscription, to Archemy™ publications, monthly innovation report, mailing list digest, monthly newsletter, case studies, service line items descriptions, training, etc.

  • Knowledge and innovation management and R&D that would probably not happen otherwise.

  • The opportunity to harness Archemy's resources for directed R&D to help guide innovation, drive transmutations, and monitor the business platforms for execution that result from projects' execution.

  • A partner to evaluate business solution architectures and monitor developments impacting what has been built.

  • Possibly, salable, reusable intelligent ArchiFacts that can be monetized through the Archemy™ Asset Catalog or a separate myArchemy™ portal.

  • 30-day trial access to select tools in the Archemy™ knowledge management platform.

  • The ability to drive a business with digital, operate a business as digital, and support a business’ digital needs with technology.

  • The ability to be digital without having to worry about the process of becoming digital, and ultimately.

  • Business Agility and Sustainability resulting from intelligent knowledge-driven business solutions and related architectures, for the price of chaos.


Archemy™ leverages a proprietary Knowledge Management Tools Suite that enables adaptive reuse of best practice business technology solutions. Archemy's knowledge management platform includes a broad shelf of reusable emerging, early mainstream, and mainstream innovative BizTek™ solutions that cover the ongoing needs of customers in various industries.

Archemy’s Knowledge group of services makes it possible for business customers to leverage the Archemy’s Knowledge Management Tools Suite and its associated consulting services to harness and evolve knowledge.

An Archemy™ business technology solution marries business problems with solution requirements, and a corresponding best practice reusable architecture and related components. If the relationship among any of those artifacts changes and a business technology solution cannot adapt autonomously, it may signal that it is time to re-evaluate the ongoing appropriateness of the solution. Archemy™ is constantly surveilling the technology marketplace and augmenting its assets catalog. At the same time, Archemy™ is able to identify instances of any solution that has been superseded and notify its customers that a review may be in order.

This can take a fair amount of the onus of keeping current with the technology landscape off one's shoulders.


Archemy’s Innovation group of services makes it possible for business customers to leverage Archemy’s innovation services that are powered by its proprietary ArchCellerator™ services and Lab.

While innovation can take place without invention, most of what Archemy™ does integrates both. Archemy™ creates, acquires and curates established and emerging technology, classifies it with its multi-dimensional ontology and taxonomy and then makes it available through its Assets Catalog.

From the standpoint of Invention, Archemy™:

  • monitors developments among commercial software and product vendors, academic research and end-users who may have developed something for their own use that has wider applicability,

  • operates the ArchCellerator™ Lab where affiliated commercial and academic labs, as well as independent technologists and Archemists, can create reusable solutions and components, and

  • reviews and classifies evolving technologies, solutions and components as it posts them into its Assets Catalog.

In short, Archemy™ collects and extracts tacit knowledge about inventions and solutions, both those that it creates and those created by others. This enables Archemy's customers to:

  • employ Archemy's ontology and taxonomy-driven search capabilities in the Archemy™ Assets Catalog to identify potentially adaptable and reusable solutions to their business problem,

  • initiate a directed discovery project to create a solution if it does not yet exist, or

  • have Archemy™ create a solution for them, implement it, extract the reusable, non-proprietary elements and monetize them through the Assets Catalog to recoup their development expenses.

With respect to Innovation, Archemy™ can do any or all of the following:

  • establish a business context with its Agile EAM approach (AEAM™) and EAM Toolkit (EAMTk™),

  • assimilate customers' enterprise and business architecture information with what it collects to create a transmutation portfolio or reusable solution assets,

  • identify transmutation initiatives that provide opportunities to improve the business and quantify their potential impact,

  • prioritize and rank initiatives within the portfolio based on their expected financial returns and

  • create a transmutation roadmap to move customers toward a more cohesive business solution architecture that can provide near-term business benefits and longer-term agility and sustainability.


Archemy™’s iBiz™ and iTech™ groups of services help achieve ongoing modernization and/or futurization of the business and technology platforms that are used to support the execution of clients’ business solutions. Modernization and/or futurization are performed according to best practices while accelerating time to delivery, reducing risks, and maximizing the accuracy and precision of business solutions via reuse of existing or new digital knowledge extracted from information possibly in real-time.

Once Archemy™ has selected architectures and/or designs for a given set of customer initiatives, it can help that customer implement or reuse them and drive the customer's business transmutation forward.

Archemy's Archemist™ community consists of vetted experts/SMEs in numerous business, academic and technical disciplines and various industry domains. Many of them have implemented ArchiFacts that appear in the Archemy™ Assets Catalog. In addition, Archemists may:

  • identify recurring business problems and contribute thought leadership,

  • conduct AEAM™ engagements, and

  • lead or collaborate on business solutions' implementations.

Archemy’s Architecture Evolution Lifecycle (AELC™) spans from the earliest stages of identifying problems, threats or opportunities to conceptualizing and assessing prospective solutions to planning and executing implementation projects. Thus, Archemy™ integrates knowledge about inventions into its customer's businesses to enable them to innovate and transmute autonomously.

Archemy™ has a number of AEAM™ service areas and corresponding service offerings, which are summarized in the diagram shown on the right. More information about Archemy's featured service offerings may be found on the Service Offerings Showcase page:



Knowledge Management

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management


Technology Enablers




If you are interested in consulting with Archemy™ to design and implement a custom software solution that leverages its platforms and tools, please select one of Archemy's platform of interest, described below, and provide your contact information, by clicking on Consulting Services Sign-Up below, so we can get in touch with you.


Archemy™ Platform

The Archemy™ Platform is a decentralized platform to store and retrieve reusable components that satisfy the evolving adaptation requirements of Open World applications in all industries.

CollectorCoin™ Platform

The CollectorCoin™ Platform can be used to construct customer solutions geared towards the management of non-fungible cryptocurrency tokens (NFTs) that may be bought and sold via a proprietary coin referred to as “the CollectorCoin™”. These solutions consist of non-downloadable intelligent autonomous and collaborative software for collectors of various types of collectible items (e.g., books, classic automobiles, digital assets, stamps, toys).

Robothons™ Platform

Robothons™ Platform is a competition and simulation platform that facilitates the crowdsourcing of reusable components that are leveraged by Open World solutions in all industries.

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